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Dennis Rutnam

President and CEO

With over 25 years of dedicated service, Dennis has played a pivotal role in TASC's growth and success, embodying continuity, loyalty, and stability. He has held various key positions within the organization, starting as a Day Services Instructor and progressing to roles such as ILS Coordinator, Day Services Director, and ILS/SLS Program Director. During his tenure, Dennis collaborated closely with TASC's founder, Ken Lane, transforming the organization from a modest agency into an industry powerhouse. His leadership, combined with Ken Lane's vision, has set TASC on a path of continuous growth and impact.


For the past three years, Dennis has served as TASC's President & CEO, leading with a passion for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. He has been instrumental in fostering strong relationships with referral sources and colleagues, contributing significantly to TASC's reputation as an industry leader.


Dennis's commitment to TASC's mission is unwavering. He has worked closely with clients, their families, and staff to ensure the delivery of comprehensive support services, enabling individuals to live independently and successfully.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Dennis's interests include marine biology. His office at TASC Lake Balboa includes a large fishtank, where both clients and employees enjoy observing aquatic life. He even maintains a large Koi pond at home.

With Dennis's steadfast leadership, TASC continues to thrive, poised for continued growth and impact in its mission to empower individuals and enrich communities.

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