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We envision a future where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live fully integrated lives within their community. All people will have opportunities to share in all aspects of a full, productive, healthy, personally meaningful and satisfying life.

Man with disabilities washing dishes at his job

Employment helps one gain a sense of pride and self-satisfaction by reaffirming that they can support themself.

Integrated Employment is where individuals with diverse abilities work side-by-side as equals without bias or segregation. This encourages healthy relationship-building and a more robust contribution to the community.

When employers hire from The Adult Skills Center (TASC), they contribute to a more inclusive work environment for their employees, their customers, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Man with disabilties volunteering at farm

Volunteering is a great way for one to make a valuable contribution to their community and provides an opportunity to make meaningful connections.

Clients at TASC volunteer in their communities by cleaning local parks, working in food pantries, walking shelter dogs, holding docent positions at local museums, and so much more. This reliable and eager workforce is sometimes invisible but these opportunities further contribute to full community integration.

TASC works closely with community partners to provide volunteer opportunities and is always open to new partnerships.

Volunteering aids in the Discovery Process to find unique and person-centered opportunities while making valuable contributions to the community. Building relationships and friendships through being active in the community is one of the most important indicators of a productive and meaningful life, and allows a starting point for clients transitioning into a community employment setting.

Volunteer partners include: The Salvation Army, Travel Town Museum, Pet Orphans of Southern CA, CSUN, Los Angeles Zoo, ONEgeneration, and Sanctuary Animal Assisted Therapy.

Community integration plays an important role in erasing the stigmas that lead to segregation.

It means a lot to me being able to make even a small change or difference in someone's life." Roxy, Job Coach

Staff and adults with disabilities in a classroom

TASC works with groups to enroll in classes at local colleges for those who want to explore post-high school education in a supportive group environment.

Students learn computer skills, language arts, American Sign Language, physical education, and more.

College campuses are a natural setting to be included in a variety of activities for a young adult. Sharing common experiences with fellow students and siblings promotes understanding and integration in and beyond college life.

Pursuing an education can become a personal and informed decision made by each support team.

Man wih disability at an Aquarium

Whether it’s an outing to a local theme park, participating in a community event, or visiting a favorite museum; TASC provides integrated opportunities to enjoy all the social and cultural experiences that life has to offer.

Part of having a meaningful life is building social connections outside of paid staff and family. TASC ensures each client has many opportunities for community integrated social experiences to enlarge their networks and support systems.

These cultural and social experiences aid in building organic relationships in the community by participating in social settings leading to improved social skills and community integration.

We are a passionate and innovative team dedicated to providing the best experience to our clients.  

We are a passionate and innovative team dedicated to providing the best experience to our clients.  

Cars parked with handicap license plates

Having access to desired activities is a leading factor in physical, mental, social, and economic well-being.

People need to access their desired activities, social connections, employment opportunities. TASC transportation services help bridge the gap for many individuals for whom other available transportation services are not available or appropriate.

Transportation services are available for TASC's Day Services and activities.

Within the Day Services program, TASC also provides mobility training to teach clients to navigate the transit systems (Metro, subway ACCESS and walking). This leads to increased independence and community safety.

Mobility Training helps an individual navigate various routes from their home to their job and a support specialist navigates the route with them until they feel comfortable navigating it independently.

Additionally, TASC has partnered with Metro to provide discount public transit passes.​


We are a passionate and innovative team dedicated to providing the best experience to our clients.  

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