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Our health and well-being is impacted by our relationships with ourselves and others, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and productivity. We teach the skills needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle through our evidence-based individual and group counseling sessions. 

I was seeing that my clients could really benefit from learning how the food and drinks they consume throughout the day affect not only their physical health, but their mental well-being too. - Kelly, TASC Clinical Director



Mental Health refers to our emotional, psychological and behavioral well-being.  It is often evidenced by our resiliency; our ability to cope and respond to life’s challenges, realize our abilities, live productively, and contribute to our community.

Woman with disabilties participating in occupational therapy


Occupational Therapy helps people with a variety of health challenges participate in daily life to the fullest. We work to understand what is meaningful for each individual and find strategies to help them engage fully in those activities



Behavioral health is comprehensive treatment planning in response to emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues. It includes collaboration in regard to medication management, community integration supports, mental health supports and crisis management. 

Man with disabilties participating in physical activites


Meeting the daily demands of daily life can be a challenge for individuals with disabilities. Fitness helps us meet these demands safely and effectively while saving energy for leisure and recreational activities.

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